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 I have a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Montclair State University and a Graduate Certificate from NYU in Human Resources. During undergrad, I was particularly drawn to my classes in Organizational Psychology, Motivation, Cognition, Personality Theories, and Social Psychology. My passion in these areas makes me good a tutor because I can help a student break down and understand how Psychology relates to relationship building, social issues, and career development. What makes me an effective Psychology tutor is that I can take the seemingly boring theories by early Psychologists and apply them to current events. It is important for students to understand that Psychology is rooted in any profession they choose because it equips you with the ability to use the knowledge of Human Behavior for communication/relationship building, leadership skills, and influence.

I have been teaching online classes since 2013 in the areas of General Psychology, Etiquette, Networking, and Entrepreneurship. My tutoring style is to analyze the problem, break it down into manageable components, answer each part and create a cohesive response. Once a student understands what is being asked it is much easier to study and prepare for tests. I also like to make sure that students are using proper terminology when communicating their responses for homework, tests, and in conversation.

I am eager to help students struggling with the foundations of Psychology get a better understanding of the subject. Feel free to contact me to set up tutoring or ask questions about my experience.


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