High School/Undergrad Package:

Resume Building

Cover Letter

Internship Searching & Matching

Internship Interview Coaching

1hr Monthly Coaching

Social Media Etiquette

Academic/Professional Portfolio Building


College to Career...

The next few years of your life will be guided by the choices you make today. Are you thinking about how hard you'll party in college or how will you get the perfect internship at that Fortune 500 company? The biggest mistake I have ever witnessed is a student that waited until Junior or even Senior year of their undergrad to begin thinking about their career path (I was one of them). I know in many cases students do not know what they want to do yet BUT that is why it is beneficial to work with a Career Counselor to help you identify your skills, talents, and values. You can narrow down fields and industries based on your personality and set a path to a career that you'll actually love! I promise I'll leave room for a few campus parties :) We can deem it networking practice! 

PARENTS: Feel free to contact me on behalf of your student. A collaborative effort is highly effective.