The Pretty Padded Room

Hello Ladies!!!

How important is it to have a place where you can relax and de-stress from all the junk and negative people that you deal with everyday? I find it so necessary to be surrounded by objects and colors that make me feel warm and happy. A woman who keeps her space tidy understands the importance of peace and clarity. If a person has cluttered surroundings, it is usually a sign that they have a cluttered mindset because whatever goes on in your head will be projected into your environment subconsciously. When your mind is cluttered, you cant make good decisions, you can struggle with direction, and become distracted easily. These are all detriments to your ability to be a great problem solver, and as we have come to realize, life is so much smoother when you are a great problem solver. I like to call my office (and my meditation space at home) the pretty padded room because it is a space where I can go and release my frustrations and feel good in my environment. Having a designated space to feel good in will help cultivate a happy, positive state of mind. I like for my clients to feel good and be optimistic when they come to my office, there is nothing dull or boring about transforming your life! Creating a space that is clean and gives you fuzzy feelings could be just the thing you need to help build those positive mental muscles.


Be Well,