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Our Mission:

Accelerate your Career.

We give College Grads and Entry Level Professionals the tools to become competitive candidates in the job market and become key contributors in the workplace.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help job seekers get hired faster in their desired career path and industry. I offer career accelerator courses and services that help job seekers save time in their job search, earn higher salaries, and increase overall career satisfaction.

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Our Impact


Measurable Results, Proven Strategies

Our strategies to helping candidates gain employment and accelerate career growth have been proven in case studies, through volunteer activities, and of course personal/professional experience. Our practices are supported by workforce analytics that HR uses to make evidence-based hiring decisions.

We actively follow local and state employment/education initiatives, keeping up with employment trends, government news, and professional associations. We know our stuff so that you can succeed in the workforce!



For the Unemployed

We help you to build career tools (resumes, portfolios) that can help you on your way to gainful, sustainable employment. We also help you to assess if you are underskilled and how to bridge the gap to your desired job.



For the Underutilized

We’ve all been there! Your supervisor doesnt care about your ideas or you’re only using 25% of your skillset. We can help you find opportunities to shine like the star you are at your organization, or perhaps somewhere else!



for the underskilled

With automation and downsizing around every corner, in every industry, it’s more important now than ever to upskill as the job market changes. Do you know how your industry is changing or the future growth/decline of your role?


Our Programs

Our programs are designed to help clients reach their career goals. Each course promotes employment sustainability and written with knowledge of Recruiter/Human Resources/Manager expectations. After taking our courses, clients are more proactive in their career, can identify opportunities for growth in their organization and capitalize on them, and earn higher entry level salaries.


Career bootcamp

The Career Bootcamp is a 4 course module designed to help college students and entry level professionals develop career tools and strategies. The modules cover building career tools, effective job searching, interview tactics, and career planning/mapping. The goal is to teach candidates how to market themselves to top employers and secure a career in their chosen field.

Professionals roundtable (membership subscription)

The Professional Roundtable monthly subscription promotes career sustainability and growth through teaching participants how to be effective contributors in the workplace. Each month’s topic educates employees on how to establish themselves as experts, key contributors, and positioning for promotions/succession.

Charm school program (for teens)

The Charm School program was created for teen girls that wish to pursue a career in a corporate environment. This 4 week program teaches social skills, character building, and principle driven behavior to increase social mobility. Courses include soft skills training and etiquette.

Career coaching services

If you need a more individualized plan and accountability, 1-on-1 coaching may be a great fit for you. We will begin with benchmarking your skillset and creating a career plan to reach your goals. The coaching process has a beginning, middle, and end that drives the goal into existence.


March 2019

Alisha's high degree of professionalism has been demonstrated consistently during her tenure… Her commitment to the services provided… and dedication to producing results is evident each day, where she has been successful in assisting her clients in obtaining meaningful employment. It has been a pleasure to work with her, and I highly recommend her...

Donna J. Orr

Director of Employment Services, Community options inc





Get Hired is a 7 step guide created to uncover the secrets of applicant tracking systems, explain employer expectations, and remove the anxiety from behavioral based interviews. The steps are designed to be sequential for realistic flow of results. I guarantee increased call backs and interview offers if you follow the strategies in this book. The book can be used as a planning resource for students and a guide for active job seekers. It is available in paperback or ebook in our online store.


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